London Visa News

News on the London front! I still have quite a few months left on my visa, but my 12 months of allowed work are nearly used up. This means I can still stay in London but won’t be allowed to work.

My job wants to keep me on, so I will basically have to come back to NZ for a short time soon. From there, work will arrange sponsorship for me, and I will then re-enter London on a work visa that lasts for up to 2 years and is then renewable.

So, I will be coming back in the next month or 2, provided the money situation at work gets sorted out. This time I will try to arrange to stay for at least 2 weeks to make the trip worthwhile.

I will keep things up to date once I get some more money and can choose some dates and book flights.

Beyond “The King of Kong”

If you haven’t watched The King of King, I highly recommend it.

It’s a documentary about 2 men from entirely different backgrounds and circumstances facing off for the world record of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. It might sound boring, but it’s 1% about the game, and 99% about human behaviour, obssession, celebrity, redemption, underdog versus establishment. Very entertaining and rivetting. (97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes)

Anyway, I can’t get over the fact that the “villain” of the documentary – Billy Mitchell – reminds me so much of Michael Scott from The Office. If not for the fact that The Office has been around longer than The King of Kong, I would swear that Steve Carell based so many of Michael Scott’s mannerisms off Billy Mitchell.

Watch this interview with Mitchell and see if you agree.

Baby Blacks give Ireland beating; David Moore pinged for high tackle

The New Zealand Under-20 rugby team is playing in the inaugural IRB Junior World Championship and just thrashed Ireland 65-10.

I watched some of the coverage at the TVNZ site (they have full footage of both halves here).

There was a flanker playing for Ireland called David Moore. While I skipped through the video I managed to see him give away a couple of penalties, including for a blatant head-high clothes-hanger tackle. Good stuff, repping the David Moore name!

While it’s good to see the rough stuff still in rugby, these transgressions might be brought up at the next annual David Moore Secret International Underground Society meeting. Think of a cross between Freemasons & Illuminati, except the membership is even more exclusive (with the first criteria being you need to be called David Moore).

Opera 9.5 is out

Opera is my favourite browser, and the final release of the newest version has just been released to the public.

It’s blazing fast, and comes with a lot of stuff out of the box such as:

  • Integrated ad blocker (right click on a page and choose Block Content…, then you can click on what you want to block)
  • Mouse gestures
  • Mail and chat client
  • Widgets
  • Speed dial (If you create a new tab, you get a patchwork of thumbnails of your selected favourite sites so they’re one click away)
  • Pretty much everything that a lot of other browsers had to follow suit with after Opera had innovated them, and usually need to be downloaded in an extension or plug-in.

The other modern browsers are also moving forward fast, with FireFox 3 out next Tuesday, with Safari and IE’s next efforts due out in the near future.

The main downfall of Opera is its small market share; this means a lot of sites don’t work in it even though it’s arguably the most modern and standards-compliant browser, simply through lack of people testing things in Opera.

Incidentally, Opera is a popular mobile browser and is also used as the web browser in the Nintendo Wii.

Get Opera Here

Green Tea Pills are like, whoa

So my workmate offers me a green tea pill this afternoon. I like green tea, and a green tea pill sounds healthy and good enough (if not a strange way to be getting your green tea).

He then checks on the bottle, and notes a warning saying “Do not take after 4pm” and tells me about it after I’ve already downed the pill.

Turns out the pill has got caffeine, guarana and every other possible legal stimulant and anti-oxidant you could name.

It’s just after 11pm now and I feel like I could stay up for another 5 hours.

Well, at least the buggers work. I’ll just try to make sure if I try one again, it’s in the morning.

Oh hai

Oh hai

It’s been a while! The old blog is broken while I updated the software, but for now I’ve plumped for a good old WordPress install.

A lot’s happened since the last post on the old blog, which was posted just before I went to Cardiff to watch the All Blacks choke in the World Cup semi final.

Well New Zealand just beat Ireland on the weekend in their first game since the ill-fated World Cup campaign. The ABs are back on the horse, so it’s fitting that I fire up the blog again as well.

I’ll try to post often, even if it’s inane or just sharing content, and maybe get a chance to go back over what’s been happening here.