Solution: Explorer open each folder in same window error and SQL Management Studio, IE and Team Explorer errors


  • When attempting to open a folder in Windows Explorer, the folder opens in a new window, even if “Open each folder in the same window” is selected in Folder Options.
  • Some links in Internet Explorer don’t open correctly
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio: An error with a message like “Unable to cast COM object of type ‘System.__ComObject’ to interface type ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop.IServiceProvider’. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID ‘{6D5140C1-7436-11CE-8034-00AA006009FA}’ failed due to the following error: No such interface supported (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE)). (Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop)
  • Visual Studio Team Explorer: When browsing using the Team Explorer window, you may get COM errors similar to those in the SQL Management Studio error above


I’m not sure of the exact details, but this is what I think I’ve found. Perhaps someone at Microsoft would correct or elaborate on this. Previously, actxprxy.dll (ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library) was used as the proxy for a multitude of system interfaces, such as IShellFolder and IServiceProvider. In Windows 7 (and probably Vista also), the GUID of this library has changed from {B8DA6310-E19B-11D0-933C-00A0C90DCAA9} to {C90250F3-4D7D-4991-9B69-A5C5BC1C2AE6} Secondly, there is also a new Proxy/Stub provider found in ieproxy.dll of Internet Explorer (IE ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library). Some interfaces that previously used actxprxy.dll are now registered to use ieproxy.dll. Now various problematic software (such as Vault 3.x) will try to register against actxproxy using the old GUID, and for interfaces now proxied by ieproxy.dll.


Solution 1

You must use regsvr32 to re-register the two proxy DLLs, then reboot You can use the below batch file to do this. You must run this batch file with administrative privileges (right click on the file and choose Run as administrator): RunAsAdministrator If you don’t run the batch file as an administrator, you will get an error as pictured: ActxprxyRegisterError [Download RegisterActxprxyAndIeproxy.cmd] RegisterActxprxyAndIeproxy.cmd source:
@echo off

:: 32 bit and 64 bit
IF EXIST "%SystemRoot%System32actxprxy.dll" "%SystemRoot%System32regsvr32.exe" "%SystemRoot%System32actxprxy.dll"
IF EXIST "%ProgramFiles%Internet Explorerieproxy.dll" "%SystemRoot%System32regsvr32.exe" "%ProgramFiles%Internet Explorerieproxy.dll"

:: 64 bit only (32bit on 64 bit)
IF EXIST "%WinDir%SysWOW64actxprxy.dll" "%WinDir%SysWOW64regsvr32.exe" "%WinDir%SysWOW64actxprxy.dll"
IF EXIST "%ProgramFiles(x86)%Internet Explorerieproxy.dll" "%WinDir%SysWOW64regsvr32.exe" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%Internet Explorerieproxy.dll"
Don’t forget to reboot after re-registering the DLLs! Edit: The script has been updated to support 64-bit Windows

Solution 2

Some people have reported that  the following command may fix the problem when Solution 1 does not work (first mentioned by snir in the comments):
  1. Open up a Command Prompt (presumably in Administrator  mode) Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
  2. Type in sfc /scannow and hit Enter
For those for which this solution works, I’d like for someone to find what file(s) were affected and repaired, so we can get a more specific solution and see if it’s related to Solution 1. This solution was one I looked at before I made this post which did not work for me. ]]>

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  1. < ![CDATA[Thank you. I tried this to solve the issue in SQL Management Studio on new Windows 7 install and it did not help. Does anyone have any other suggestions. I will continue to look.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Backwardshoop, the only other solution I've found is to delete your profile and it will get fixed. Not sure though.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[After fixing the symptoms with this solution, I launched in to Visual Studio only to find out that the integration piece (source control plug-in is not installed message) from the Vault client is apparently not there. So I went through a re-install, but that didn't fix it either. I can at least run everything in their own windows now, but this has me wanting to back away from Vault as our source control solution. Wish I understood more about why this is broken.]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[ Finally figured it out ... If you're using 64-bit Windows 7 - register the ieproxy.dll in the x86 Program Files.]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[I mus say THANK YOU MAN! This problem was so fucking anoying, but I was getting use to it! Thank you man, really =)]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[whew! DOUBLE THUMBS UP!!!!!!! thnk u man! ur jst a GFT from GOD! hehehe it WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! 101% for me, u jst SOLVE my Problem this Night! THnk u and MOre POWER! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ^_^]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[OMG Thank you so much! I have used hours on seaching the internet for a solution, every site i found they told me to do this one: regsvr32 "%SystemRoot%System32actxprxy.dll" Nobody told me to do this as well: regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%Internet Explorerieproxy.dll" Thank you !! It was so annoying :)
    Thank you man!]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[This problem just cropped up for me randomly this afternoon out of nowhere, while I was writing a word document. It's incredibly frustrating to have every folder opening in its own window and then having to close them all. I'm running Windows 7. Ran the program above, rebooted, didn't fix it. Ran it again, rebooted again, still didn't work. Please help! What else can I do? This problem is really pissing me off.]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[@John: Perhaps you have something that keeps running and making the registry changes each time? 1) Check what programs you have running at startup, or if you suspect it's Word, any Office add-ins you might have. 2) You might even want to use something that can tell you when something is trying to change the registry, such as Spybot Search & Destroy. 3) As for it cropping up randomly, you must have installed something. This problem might not crop up until after a restart so it might have been something you installed a while ago, if you don't restart often. 4) System Restore might let you see what's been installed recently, and see if you can go back to a point where the problem isn't happening, to help you narrow down what is causing it.]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[Thank you so much... I searched every forum (including Microsoft) without success! I will now once again enjoy my file browsing!! THANKS!]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[Sorry, it didn't work for me. I'll try to run it in safe mode just in case there is a process that is causing the problem.]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[I won't embarrass myself by admitting how much time I've invested trying to find a fix for this that doesn't involve a reinstall. This apparently also fixes an unrelated (I thought) issue on Win7: The "Devices and Printers" window is empty, with "0" items listed. I've tried various solutions for this as well, with no luck, but on a hunch (insert required Marty Feldman sound byte here) I tried one more time, and whattaya know, it's fixed too. MANY THANKS, NOT JUST FOR THE FIX, BUT FOR THE CONCISE EXPLANATION AS WELL!!]]>

  13. < ![CDATA[I just wanted to echo alan1mtnview. I spent half a day trying to fix the empty Devices and Printers window issue. Your fix did the trick. Many thanks!]]>

  14. < ![CDATA[Hi, i was having this "folders open in new window despite folder option says same window" problem, and nobody could help, not even at Microsoft. These loads of windows killed my nerves. I got weird hints, none ever helped. To make it short : YOUR HINT IS THE SOLUTION ! It worked. Yes, i had the additional problem that Internet Explorer wouldnt start at all. (That was not too bad 'cause i use Firefox anyway). Since your solution mentioned this, i gave it a try, and now all my problems are gone ! I think this is going to be a problem for quite a while, and this solution was very valuable for me (and others). (Though i dont really understand the connection between IE and folder options). However, your solution worked, my folders work as they should now on doubleclick again, and so a great hassle is gone. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! regards from germany, Martin]]>

  15. < ![CDATA[please let me repeat, so others can understand when this solution will help, 'cause i had all three problems at the same time (probably because of the same reason as explained here in the article) : this solution works at least for these problems (among others) : 1.) folders open in a new windows when doubleclicked despite the folder options say "open in the same window". the folder options only work when you right click on a folder and then choose "open" from the right-click-menu. but when you double-left-click on a folder, a new windows is opened every time. 2.) internet explorer does not start at all (or has problems with at least some links). 3.) the control-panel folder "printers and other devices" is totally empty, it shows nothing in it but a blank page. i had all those three problems, and all three were gone after i did what this article suggests. i keep this .cmd file in case i will need it again (and i am afraif this will happen). thank you, david, i cant value this solution enough! martin]]>

  16. < ![CDATA[I. Love. You. Thank you so much. I've tried so many other solutions and this is the only one that worked to solve this f**king annoying problem!]]>

  17. < ![CDATA[Sorry .. but it isnt working... i tried it many times but it didnt work. m using win7 64 ultimate HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP]]>

  18. < ![CDATA[I had the same problem with Win 7 x64, none of the solution above worked. So I figured out, that it has definitely to do with my Internet Explorer 8 installation. Uninstalling / Reinstalling didn't help, but then I read something about "sfc /scannow". I then renamed my two IE program folgers (C:Program FilesInternet Explorer and C:Program Files (x86)Internet Explorer) into "Internet Explorer_" an ran (with admin rights) "sfc /scannow". The programm detected a corrupt IE installation, repaired it and after rebooting the computer the window behaviour was all right again! No problems anymore!]]>

  19. < ![CDATA[Your solution is good (certainly, better than nothing), but far from perfect as to the Windows Explorer is concerned. After using your batch, apparently Explorer behaves as always, but it doesn't. It keeps opening new windows although displayed on the same one (as if there was only one). But if you check after browsing several folders, the explorer icon on the task bar shows plenty of new windows, not just one. The annoyance is that they need to be closed, one by one, clicking on the X button many times. Is there any other way to get Explorer back to normal? Thanks a lot for your help, anyway. JRMT]]>

    1. < ![CDATA[Interesting. This fix used to work perfectly, at least in my situation on computers at work. But your comment and Constref's comment make me think someone recent has happened (Windows Update, IE update?) or some additional piece of software is now in the mix. Have you tried Constref's suggestion?]]>

      1. < ![CDATA[I have finally solved my problem by running these two entries in cdm, "run as administrator": - regsvr32 %SystemRoot%System32actxprxy.dll - regsvr32 %ProgramFiles%Internet Explorerieproxy.dll Then reboot. It sounds weird but the same instructions didn't work when using David's batch. Anyway, he must be credited for the fix, which is a very good finding.]]>

  20. < ![CDATA[Thanks you very mucH, i was really so fade off ... Finally, this solution helped me a lot. Once again, thank you very much .]]>

  21. < ![CDATA[omg thank you so much this has been bugging me for so long i had to stop making youtube vids because of it but nw im going to make a vid of how to fix it thanks]]>

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    1. < ![CDATA[Hi everyone, i had the same problem - and with thanks to this site's help i discovered that in my case what had happened is a permission issue for the internet explorer folder. (i had disabled it by removing all permissions except for "system"). once i reinstated user permissions for the ie folder everything works as usual... THANK YOU SO MUCH. was an annoying issue, but what really caused the pain was the devices manager window! gone now! Yippeeeee!]]>

  23. < ![CDATA[Thanks for your well-explained solution and for leaving it up for those of us just getting this annoying bug. Wish we could get these great answers from Microsoft - they need to hire you for lots of $$]]>

  24. < ![CDATA[Thanks for your help you saved me hours. What happened with me is that I used a tool called REVO Uninstall, which searches leftover registry keys when you uninstall programs. Apparently, it blew away some that I needed. Fixed now, Thanks!]]>

  25. < ![CDATA[Hi David, since you have no other contact option here, i try it this way : you solved this explorer problem as the only one. so maybe you can help me with another serious explorer problem, too ? in my win7 ultimate x86 the explorer keeps crashing whenever i rightcklick a file or folder. it does the same when i mark a file or folder and try to open the file menu. immediately the whole explorer crashes (all open explorer windows are gone afterwards) and restarts. i dont remember when it began, so i dont know the reason. i checked softwares like winrar and virtual cd, which make additions to the right click menu, but they are not the reason (problem still there after uninstall of this software). do you have any idea what might be the reason and the solution to this problem ? it is a real hassle. thank you martin]]>

  26. < ![CDATA[Thank you SO MUCH! It worked and I'm so happy right now, because I've been spending such a lot of time with that problem. THANK YOU!!]]>

  27. < ![CDATA[I'm sorry, but your solution didn't work! The folders keep opening on new windows, regardless of the folder option setting. Snir, Israel]]>

  28. < ![CDATA[You were really so helpful! I was wondering how to manage this stupid problem and tried also several times to reinstall the whole system. Best regards from Bavaria.]]>

  29. < ![CDATA[Thanks David... This worked... I have been facing this problem from months and tried number of suggestions from internet but nothing worked till today.... Thanks Again :))))))))]]>

  30. < ![CDATA[I tried executing the .cmd and rebooted, but it did not work. However, running the windows scan, as suggested by snir did the trick! typed "SFC /SCANNOW" into an administrator command prompt. Very helpful thread. Thanks =D]]>

  31. < ![CDATA[Thank you! This has been bugging me for weeks, and was fixed after spending only minutes on your site!]]>

  32. < ![CDATA[Thank youuuuuu!!!!This has been killing me for months, just 2 steps for correcting reg. solved the problem thank you again!!!!!!]]>

  33. < ![CDATA[thanks a lot for the solution because that problem started to really annoy me and none of the other solutions provided on the internet seemed to work]]>

  34. < ![CDATA[Mehn!!! Your solution did the trick. Had been having this problem and reinstalling windows severally. You're the best]]>

  35. < ![CDATA[I thank you very very much! I did the first methode: nothing :/ I did the second methode: nothing :/ I did the first methode again and it goes :)) THX very much]]>

  36. < ![CDATA[Thanks, your solution #1 (the CMD file) worked for me on Win7 32-bit. Don't know what the problem may have been, but it's fixed. Bless you.]]>

  37. < ![CDATA[Awesome, CMD file worked. the SFC did not, but looks like if one doesn't work, the other will. Thanks!]]>

  38. < ![CDATA[Thanks, The second trick worked for me. Many thanks from my heart for your time and to share this useful information.]]>

  39. < ![CDATA[I tried various suggestions before finding your site... THE [Download RegisterActxprxyAndIeproxy.cmd] / Solution 1 is the CORRECT Solution for me. Much Appreciation!]]>

  40. < ![CDATA[This is THE fix...!!! I've been trying several solutions for hours, only this script fixed my problem. Many Thanks!!!]]>

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  42. < ![CDATA[Hey!!! I was about to go format my pc ... because i had deleted (by accident) something from I.E. an my Wnds7 could not remove Wat and my folders were open in a new window and many other crazy things!!! With this (you let us download and run it as administrator) i FOUND MY CURE..!!! THANK YOU - - - THANK YOU ....!!!!!!]]>

  43. < ![CDATA[Thank you so much, David - the trick 1 with the batch file RegisterActxprxyAndIeproxy.cmd worked perfectly for me. I already spent quite some time trying registry patch tricks that did not work. Markus (Germany)]]>

  44. < ![CDATA[Thanxxx! Solution 1 worked perfect. Seen a lot of false solutions on the web.....But this actually worked! Thanx again.]]>

  45. < ![CDATA[thank you very much i fixed my problem! however there's still one problem i had on my laptop. I inserted my portable HDD and copied files then when i rebooted, I can't change my desktop background, my themes aren't working. also it says that I'm logged in as default user. I'm using windows 7. i scanned my drive and detected nothing. what might be the problem? thanks in advance]]>

  46. < ![CDATA[Thanks, sfc /scannow helped in my case. The problem in my case definately had to do with the new IE9 Update. (Win7 x64 Home Premium)]]>

  47. < ![CDATA[You are awesome friend... I was pulling my hair looking everywhere for a solution.... I was about to throw my laptop to the wall..... I give you blessings..... Live long and keep helping us out]]>

  48. < ![CDATA[Thank you soooooo much! for solution number 1, I tried the number 2 first but it did not work for me. TY!]]>

  49. < ![CDATA[Instructions ... perfect ... worked like a charm ... thanks for saving me a lot of time having to troubleshoot]]>

  50. < ![CDATA[solution 1 worked for win 7 x64 sp1 enterprise. thanks alot. may your future days be blessed and fruitful]]>

  51. < ![CDATA[Very good! I even clapped when solution 2 worked and my mom was like, "What? Did something happen????"]]>

  52. < ![CDATA[thank you so much,,same thing happened to me.. very annoying problem.. and your solution 1 fixed it..!! once again,thank u so much..!!]]>

  53. < ![CDATA[ich habe meinen internet explorer gelöscht. Ich dachte mir dabei wer brauch schon den internet explorer.. mit der .bat Datei geht alles wieder wunderbar ich danke dir!!!!]]>


  55. < ![CDATA[#2 didn't work for Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit. #1 did. Much appreciated. Sure beats checking into the nut house.]]>

  56. < ![CDATA[Man... even as a tech I couldnt figure this one out...Thanks that script worked perfectly and I have been looking forever for an answer!]]>

  57. < ![CDATA[Guys, This problem has been driving me nuts for weeks now. I've cruised this and several other forums, and tried every damn "fix" out there. WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM (All updates applied) I've done registry edits, registered .dll files, changed folder option settings back and forth, uninstalled software, re-installed software, etc, etc.. Ad nauseam. (I don't have IE8 or Source Gear Vault) Although both of these seem to come up often in these discussions. I bumbled into something on one these forums, and ** I FOUND THE SOLUTION!**

    Go to this web site: <a href=";

    Then, in section 2 click on “Use desktop features, or open programs and files”

    In the window below will be a list of solutions. Simply “Run Now” the one called: Diagnose and repair Windows File and Folder Problems automatically After running this “fixit” my problem of a new window opening all the time in Windows Explorer went away! Worked perfect!

    Anyway, I hope this works for any of you guys too. Because the other solutions here did not work in my situation.
    Good luck everyone…..


  58. < ![CDATA[Just wanted to say thanks to the author. Solution 1 fixed it, also that you may not need to reboot to see the changes, sometimes ending the explorer process and reopening it is enough.]]>

  59. < ![CDATA[Thank you very much for the solution! Tried solution 1, didn't work. Tried solution 2 and kept my fingers crossed...worked like charm!]]>

  60. < ![CDATA[The windows and internet explorer problems have occurred ever since my laptop was upgraded from XP to Win7. It has been a major pain! Solution 1 fixed the issues. Thanks so much for your help!]]>

  61. < ![CDATA[It worked perfectly fine. This problem crept up once before but Microsoft's "Fixit" system repaired it automatically. This time, nothing Microsoft offered would fix it. One would think a company like that would be aware of the issue and would offer a repair or better yet, an upgrade that never does it. They don't. Fortunately, you do. Thank you!!!!]]>

  62. < ![CDATA[THANK YOU! Solution 1 worked for me and it solved my other problem too. I was unable to safely remove USB hardware and now it works! THANK YOU!]]>

  63. < ![CDATA[I wish I had found this earlier. After trying so many things; uninstalling and installing so many times, I found your blog :). Thank you David. Solution 1 worked for me. You are great!]]>

  64. < ![CDATA[I can't believe how many issues its resolved for me, which I am battling for two days. Your solution 1 worked great. Thanks and much appreciated.]]>

  65. < ![CDATA[Thanks a lot, i am faced issue windows xp OS with sql server 2008 developer edition. then i entered this command into command prompt>regsvr32.exe actxprxy.dll i checked it's working fine wonderful :)]]>

  66. < ![CDATA[Awesome man....brilliant work..thank u so much..i hv searched whole shitty net stuff blogs continously for couple of hours but didn't find any proper soln. still u hv made it bro..gr8 thknx 1nce again....;)]]>

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  68. < ![CDATA[The 1st Tip didn`t fit the problem (I read that on other sites before). The 2nd Tip fit the problem and win7 is working normaly! Thank you very much for the Tipps. Greetings from Germany!]]>

  69. < ![CDATA[I have the same problem. It came up yesterday from nowhere while I had opened some word files and yahoo messenger. If I try the first solution a strange message appears: "To register a module, you must provide a binary name. Usage regsvr32 [/u], [/s], [/i] ......". The second solution doesn't work. So what should I do?]]>

    1. < ![CDATA[Try running the commands I listed manually, in a windows command prompt, and see what happens.]]>

  70. < ![CDATA[NEW POTENTIAL FIX - None of these fixes worked for me, but I am publishing Explorer in Citrix and running it remotely from a web interface. the only fix for me was to disable classic shell in a user GPO and most IMPORTANT, was to delete the users profile. It's an ugly fix to have to delete all our users profileS, but it does work & for me, its the least amount of changes to our environment and servers.]]>

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  72. < ![CDATA[The solution proposed (downloading and running the batch file) worked perfectly for me in Windows 64. A big thank you!]]>

  73. < ![CDATA[SIR, YOUR FIX DIDN'T WORK I tried running it in safe mode and the problem still persists even then. EVEN TRIED SYSTEM RESTORE AND STILL NO LUCK! :(]]>

  74. < ![CDATA[tried the 2nd solution as it was the easiest to try first and it worked like a charm. all folders now open in the same window. thx]]>

  75. < ![CDATA[Thank you, thank you, thank you. I tried the second solution first and it did not work, but your batch file fixed it. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Really, thank you.]]>

  76. < ![CDATA[Thank you very much. Solution #1 did not work for me, but solution #2 did. I'm not sure why, but I just care that it worked. I have the CBS log file if you would like to see it. Thanks again.]]>

  77. < ![CDATA[THX !!! I searched for an answer of this problem a long time ago. But your Cmd-File is doing it well in three seconds. THX]]>

  78. < ![CDATA[Thank for your help. The first solution did not help. I also tried Regedit and other solutions on the internet and from microsoft. But the second solution was the only one that did the trick (The sfc/scannow option).]]>

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  80. i tried solution 1 it dint worked. then i did sfc scan worked fine for me..but my computer icons are getting refreshed each time i move in folders and files..

  81. Mine worked after 1) running the file, and rebooting my laptop, and 2) sfc/scannow, as mentioned in the solution 2. As you requested, I will write what I got after the scan:
    “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. Details are included in the CBS.log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log”

    Also, perhaps worth mentioning, I have Windows 7 SP1. Thank you for solving this little annoying thing!

  82. Unfortunately the regserver fix didn’t work for me, but the systemFileCheck did. I have saved the CBS.log files if you would like to take a look at what files were repaired


  83. Thanks very much.

    I had this problem in one of my servers and it was fixed running the command “sfc /scannow”:

    Beginning system scan. This process will take some time.

    Beginning verification phase of system scan.
    Verification 100% complete.

    Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired
    them. Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For
    example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log

    Best regards

  84. Solution # 2 worked for me. I tried everything! It won’t let me read the CBS log in the windows directory so I can’t let you know what changes windows made.

  85. Thank you for your solution to this very annoying glitch. Your RegisterActxprxyAndIeproxy.cmd was the one that did it for me.
    Very grateful !

  86. FYI, Step 1 did not work, then using step 2 also failed. The good news is that when I performed step 2 first followed by step 1 the issue was corrected. Thanks for the help.

  87. Thanks a lot sir. Appreciate your work from this side of the world (Zimbabwe). You really helped me with the patch. Had trouble with the folders opening in a new window. Thanks a lot. God bless.

  88. David,
    Thank you very much!
    I tried “sfc /scannow” and did not work. I used the solution 1 (“use regsvr32 to re-register the two proxy DLLs”) that worked great!!
    This was very annoying, thanks again!
    Best regards.

  89. Awesome! SFC /scannow did jack for me, but your little batch file cured explorer opening multiple windows (Win 7). Thank you!

  90. [CDATA[ Thaaaaanks A Lot Maaaan !!!! .. It Worked Just Like Hell ..
    I Swear That I Can’t Describe My Feelings In Words .. God Bless U Brother :)

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