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Paris & London photos

Elinor and Julia visited from New Zealand, and we went to Paris and hung out in London for a few days. I’ve posted some photos on Facebook but I’ll try to blog something about it at some point. Was good fun, and nice to see Els and get some travel done (even if it was to Paris again).

So I’m ready to get cracking into work again and get prepared for my return to New Zealand which is really only weeks away.

London Visa News

News on the London front! I still have quite a few months left on my visa, but my 12 months of allowed work are nearly used up. This means I can still stay in London but won’t be allowed to work.

My job wants to keep me on, so I will basically have to come back to NZ for a short time soon. From there, work will arrange sponsorship for me, and I will then re-enter London on a work visa that lasts for up to 2 years and is then renewable.

So, I will be coming back in the next month or 2, provided the money situation at work gets sorted out. This time I will try to arrange to stay for at least 2 weeks to make the trip worthwhile.

I will keep things up to date once I get some more money and can choose some dates and book flights.